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Interns participating in the internship program at XETV have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the newsroom in a top 25 market. We are interested in students who are dedicated, willing and eager to learn about the television news business. We accept a maximum of five interns for news/AM show and one weather intern. We currently do not have any internships available for production. To be eligible, applicants must attend college and be actively enrolled in an internship program that provides school credit. Must be a college Junior, Senior or Grad student.

News Internship Requirements
• A minimum of 15 hours a week
• Those participating in this learning opportunity must show good judgment to evaluate engaging stories shared via e-mail, telephone phone a social media, along with other facets of newsgathering.

AM Show Internship Requirements
• A minimum of 15 hours a week
• This learning opportunity requires a good communicator who can keep producers, editors and news teams abreast of developing guest opportunities relevant as supplemental to news coverage.

Weather Internship Requirements (Begins Spring-2012)
• A minimum of 15 hours a week
• Hours will be determined by managers in weather department
• Intern will report to Meteorologist

Spring semester (January-May): must apply by November 1st.
Summer semester (May-August): must apply by March 1st.
Fall semester (August-December): must apply by July 1st.

Those interested in participating in the San Diego 6 internship program should send their resume and cover letter to .

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