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Nancy Aziz


As a reporter for San Diego 6 News, Nancy Aziz has covered many of the county's biggest stories --- from the devastating Cedar fire to the public corruption scandal involving two former city councilmen. She's even had the once in a lifetime opportunity to fly with the Blue Angels.

"It's just so unpredictable, there is so much news going on in this county, you never know where you are going to wind up on a given day and that's one of the things that makes reporting in San Diego so interesting," Aziz said.

Nancy has anchored and reported at television stations in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles for nearly 20 years, earning several Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Awards along the way.

Her favorite stories involve everyday people who are making a difference. And she loves it when the stories she tells make a difference too.

"I'll always remember a story I did early on in my career. Someone had stolen the bicycle of a boy who was very ill. The family did not have much money and the bike meant a lot to them. By the end of the newscast, three people had offered up bikes. It just makes you realize how much influence news can have and while that's a huge honor, it's also an enormous obligation to get things right," she said.

Nancy is a graduate of UC Irvine with a degree in Biology. She is married with two children and a dog named Snoop. When she's not at work, or with her family, you are likely to find Nancy at the barn with her horse Whisky.