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Tabitha Lipkin


Tabitha Lipkin joined San Diego 6 in October 2013. Before moving to San Diego, Tabitha worked as a reporter and weekend anchor in the Los Angeles area. Prior to working in California, Tabitha also worked as a field reporter for the Fox affiliate in Austin, Texas.

Tabitha graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in journalism. Before completely turning to news, Tabitha worked for several late night talk shows including Conan and The Colbert Report.

Her passion for news has helped her break open one compelling story after another. "I love being in the field and interacting with people... people are what make a city great, and that's why San Diego is America's finest city."

When the mic isn't in hand, she works as a writer and photojournalist for a sailing magazine, as well as a jetpack pilot and flight instructor for Jetpack America in Mission Bay. "Adventure is my middle name (just kidding it's Eleanor)... but adventure is why I love working in news. You get to be in the thick of it, discovering the story and putting each piece together."

When she's not jetpacking or reporting, you can usually find her enjoying a craft beer, traveling, surfing, doing a bit of stand-up comedy, or rooting for the Texas Longhorns.