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Eyewitness describes child's three-story fall

Natasha Sweatte


By Natasha Sweatte

An eye witness who saw an eleven-month old baby fall three stories and die is speaking out about the traumatic event.

 “He was screaming really loud, loud,” said Martha Cammacho, who lives on the second floor of a Chula Vista apartment complex on the 1200 block of Santa Cora Avenue, just the floor below the family who lost their daughter to a devastating fall Monday night.
“I heard a noise, I mean really bad, and I just heard the guy say that, ‘oh my god, my baby; I can’t believe it, no,” Cammacho said.
Investigators said it all happened around 6:40 p.m. Monday, when the baby girl was on the bed, leaned on the screen, and fell out the window.
 “We don’t know if it was partially ripped or not yet; we believe some of the baby weight did a lot of ripping of the screen,” said Lt. Fritz Reber with the Chula Vista Police Investigations unit.
While the infant’s death is under investigation, no criminal charges are pending. Lt. Reber said nothing suspicious was found in the child’s autopsy Tuesday morning.
He said the mother was in the shower and the father had just stepped away from the bed when the child fell.
 “As soon as I turn around to the left, it was the baby; I didn’t know it was a baby, I didn’t know until I saw her on the ground,” Cammacho explained.
Cammacho said while she heard the impact of the fall, she was surprised she didn’t hear the baby cry.
 “He was calling her, she never answered,” Cammacho cried.
Renee Douglas, Registered Nurse at Rady Children’s Hospital said falls are the leading cause of injuries among children. 
 “This recent tragedy is the first death we’ve had in a couple of years,” said Douglas.
According to Douglas, Rady’s Hospital reported 61 falls in 2013 and 67 in 2012. She said prevention is key.
 “Screens aren’t strong enough to hold the child in; you need to either put in window guards or window stops on the windows,” Douglas explained.
A small step that can save a major tragedy.
 “I’m a mother and I’m going to be a grandmother soon so imagine that on me,” Cammacho said.
Cammacho isn’t the only one who feels sympathetic for the family who lost their daughter. When San Diego 6 knocked on the family’s door, a bouquet of flowers was left on the doorstep, from their mailman, Will.
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