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SDSU Aztec Nat Berhe waits to learn NFL fate


By Neda Iranpour

I just spoke with 22-year-old Nat Berhe tonight, an Aztec graduate waiting anxiously to find out if he makes it to the NFL.

Different reports put him at the third, fourth or fifth-round draft pick, which makes this week one of the most suspenseful of his life.

“I'd play anywhere but San Diego is my home so we'll see what happens,” he said.
When I asked him what it’s like to possibly be NFL-bound when he was an Aztec a few months ago he said, “you don't realize the impact you make on the school until after you left and you hear guys talk about you, it’s a great feeling.”

Several sports experts say Berhe, a defensive back will be drafted for his tackling ability.
He led the Aztecs this year with 99 tackles.

Berhe just graduated from SDSU in December 2013.

As soon as he was invited to this year’s combine, he knew he had a great shot at the NFL.
He would be the fifth Aztec to ever go pro but he wasn't always into football. “I always wanted to be a professional in what? I didn’t know. Basketball was my first passion as soon as I stopped growing I found another outlet and football was my outlet,” he said. Berhe is 5'10."

He says he will be watching the NFL draft from his home in San Bernadino County Friday night with his family.


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