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Mystery Solved: Sonic Boom Rattled Windows in San Diego


By Nicole Darling

SAN DIEGO - The source of a mysterious boom felt throughout much of San Diego County was two F/A 18 Fighter Jets, a Navy spokesperson said Friday evening.

From as far east as Alpine and west to Coronado, residents of San Diego County reported feeling a boom and slight shaking around 12:45pm today.

The U.S. Geological Survey says it received more than 500 reports from people in San Diego County who felt shaking. The survey maintains an online site where people can report what they felt.  USGS geophysicist Bruce Presgrave says it was most likely a sonic boom.

San Diego police spokeswoman Lt. Andra Brown says three residents called to report the noise, including one in the La Jolla area whose windows rattled about five seconds. One police sergeant said it sounded like a sonic boom.

Turns out, it was. A Navy spokesperson said two jets from the USS Carl Vinson went supersonic around 12:45 pm during a demonstration for family members on board. Two spokespersons from the Navy had previously said none of their aircraft were responsible for the sound.

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