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The Business of Giving Back


By San Diego 6 News Reporters

9010 clothing brand has some big goals.

"We are a clothing company that's trying to give back a billion dollars to people in need over our lifetime," says owner Andy Cruz.

The Vista mortgage specialist started the business last year after some financial struggles of his own. During this time Cruz decided, for the first time, to read the Bible from cover to cover.

"I committed to do this for a year I had filed for bankruptcy and all I was doing was reading, During this time I started realizing that there is more than myself to live for," says Cruz

That was the inspiration for 9010, the name stemming from a business model that gives back 90 percent of profits.

Cruz enlisted the help of friends and reached out to specialists in merchandizing and web design.

Co-owner, Chris Fialkowski says he was on-board right away.

"It was a really cool opportunity to get involved and so we started getting a few things going on facebook."

Last year 9010 provided all of the merchandise for the San Diego Rescue Mission's "Sleepless in San Diego" event and printed materials for YWCA's walk a mile in her shoes.

This year, the company is working with the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition.

"I found out there is a need right here in our back yard and I thought im not okay with this," says Cruz.

For other business owners facing financial struggles, Cruz says the most important thing is to ask for help and get involved with something that allows you to give back to a cause.

You can find out more information about 9010 and how to purchase merchandise on their Facebook page.!/9010Brand
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