This past weekend, about 200 brave runners set off on a 100-mile journey on the trails of San Diego. Among the runners was a woman who has completed 100-mile races more than 100 times.

“I'm grateful I'm alive I'm going to live each day getting as much as I can out of it,” said Catra Corbet.

With her bright clothes, colored hair and tattooed body she makes quite the impression but it's her endurance and spirit that really makes Catra stand out.

In her late 40's she accomplished what one of only four people in the entire world have done. Catra explained, “it’s all mentally in your head that if you believe you can do it you can do it.”

The San Diego 100, the race that started and ended at Lake Cuyamaca, marks Catra's 106th time to go beyond what most people can even fathom.

Catra started the local race 9 years ago and has been back each year to bigger crowds, “it’s like all my family is here that why I keep coming back to the same races over and over again.”

The San Diego 100 has more than doubled to 200 ultrarunners from around the world.

Like Catra, most endurance runners have learned to brush off the bad stuff. “I always think positive, I switch it around,” she said.

Catra's inspirational story began after one night in jail, “I've been clean and sober now and next month will be 20 years so that’s why I started running.”

A young party girl who never thought she could run, started doing so in 1996 as an alternative to drugs. She said, “definitely running helped save my life for sure.”

Two years later she ran ultra marathons, anything over the marathon length of 26.2 miles. By 1999, she finished her first 100-miler.

Catra is now what's called a fruitarian, she eats 80% raw fruit, 10% raw vegetables, and 10% nuts. She said, “I eat a clean diet because with a clean diet you have less inflammation in the body so you recover faster.”

She sure does... she ran 200 miles three weeks prior to running the San Diego 100 and simply stated, “I like a challenge. I need to be challenged.”

Catra finished the San Diego 100 in 30 hours and 33 minutes. Her career in Ultras seems to be lengthening. She is now setting her sights on a 500-mile race next year.