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Woman harasses couple who outbid her for home


By Nancy Aziz

San Diego - San Diego is now at the center of a court case. Prosecutors allege 52-year-old Kathy Rowe repeatedly harassed a couple who outbid her on a home, even soliciting to have the wife raped.

"We believe it was a very protracted and escalating campaign against these folks," said Deputy District Attorney Martin Doyle.

According to court documents, when a couple outbid Rowe on her Carmel Valley dream home she took revenge by listing the victim's home for sale, putting a hold on their mail and posting an online ad for a high school New Year's Eve party at the couple's home.

"She sent missionaries over to the house, she sent Valentines cards to all the wives in the neighborhood pretending to be from the victim's husband and then ultimately she sent these men over from a risqué chat room to their house looking to have risqué sex with this woman," Doyle said.

Prosecutors say Rowe pretended to be the wife advertising a "Carmel Valley Freak Show" inviting men to come over for sex saying, "I love to be surprised and have a man just show up at the door and force his way in the door and on me, totally taking me while I say no." Rowe included the woman's photo and address in her online posts.

Two men responded . One named in court documents as G.M. sent a nude picture of himself to Rowe along with a message saying "I'm 25 years old and new to San Diego and I'm looking for fun."

Another identified as J.M. actually went to the couples home on two occasions but was unable to get in, records show. He said he was a 28-year-old single guy looking for "a one night stand or if all is good ongoing but for now just need to get laid."

Rowe was originally charged with felony solicitation of rape and sodomy along with identity theft and harassment. In 2012 a Superior Court Judge dismissed the more serious solicitation charges stating he didn't think Rowe intended to cause the two men to commit any kind of sexual assault. But last week, a court of appeals ruled Rowe will have to answer the felony charges.

"We think there is definitely probable cause for a jury to believe that she intended for these horrible things to happen to the victims and looking forward to having our day in court," said Doyle.

In a letter to the judge Rowe said she was devastated at losing the house which she wanted for her disabled daughter and called her actions childish pranks.

"The victim didn't see it that way, we don't see it that way and we are confident a jury won't see it that way either," said Doyle adding that the victims were terrified.

Rowe's attorney, Charles Sevilla, declined to comment for this story.

He could appeal to the State Supreme Court, but Doyle says if he doesn't Rowe could face trial on those felony charges by August. If convicted, she could spend five years behind bars.


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