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Woman injured when car plows through "zombies" near Comic-Con

Police stand the a car suspected of hitting a pedestrian Saturday on Second Avenue.

Carlos Delgado


SAN DIEGO - A pedestrian suffered a broken arm when she was struck early Saturday evening by a car at the intersection of Second and Island avenues in the marina area in San Diego, said Officer David Stafford of the San Diego Police Department.

The car plowed through a crowd of costumed people in the "zombie walk"  at Second and Island avenues near Comic-Con, according to reports. The woman injured, believed to be 64 years old, suffered a broken arm, Stafford said. No one else appeared to be injured.

The 48-year-old driver and his family in the car are deaf, Stafford said. Their car had been stopped at the intersection for several minutes when the young children became afraid of the crowd, he said, so the driver began to slowly roll forward.

Several people in the crowd of zombies began punching the moving car, the officer said, and one of them smashed the front windshield. When that happened, the driver sped up to avoid the angry crowd, and hit the woman with the side of the car. She was taken to a hospital.

The driver left the scene, but was chased by bystanders. He stopped a few blocks away when he saw police officers.

Stafford said an investigation is underway, and it is unlikely that the driver will face charges.

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