After a crazy IPO's earnings season and summer ahead, a thought that the market would begin to quiet down might have crossed your mind. Wishful thinking!

The U.S. Economy is on a precipice.  If China slows down along with Europe, how will U.S. multinational companies fair?  Watch for the U.S. jobs report as well as manufacturing survey, both due at the end of the week, to shed some light as to economic activity.  Don't be surprised if the data is negative for people to start talking about quantatative easing or qe3 as system of pumping money into the economy.  Why are so many people against qe3? As they say pumping more money into the system can be quite inflationary.

Of course, watching the story of Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Germany unfold will undoubtedly affect the mood of the market.


Speaking of mood…  Imagine if you were sick, incapacitated let's say; who knows how to pay your bills, where your documents are located, who even has power to make decisions for you?  Where are your Social Security numbers, certified birth certificates, death, marriage, divorce decrees?  Can you imagine the mess that is created by being disorganized?

First, complete a document locator, listing everything from who you would like to be contacted, for all of your important documents.  Tell people exactly what you would have happen in a letter of instruction and hold a family meeting to talk about these important subjects.

Well the good news is - it sure will be a wild ride.  And if it gets under your skin, you have to remember, if you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.

I'm Ken Stern for San Diego 6 and Ken Stern & Associates - that is my Stern word.