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Market Watch 7-8-12


By San Diego 6 News Editors

Last week the markets struggled due to fears of an economic slowdown here in the United States, a real estate bubble in China and continuing uncertainity in Europe.

Capping the week was the over 100 point slide in the dow on friday due to a weaker than expected unemployment report with only 80,000 jobs being addded. Yet still year to date the dow is up over 4% and the Standard and Poors 500 index up over 7%. And the markets will jump right into earnings season next week. Many analysts are concerned if companies will not only deliver on expected earnings but offer reduced guidance. Reduced guidance ccould mean even further excitement for the stock market in the coming days.

With weaker job numbers than expected and fears of yet another economic slowdown, thoughts revert back to Generation Y or the millenial generation. Its debateable but the Y Generation began in the early 1980's ending in the mid 2000's.

They lived through wars, financial crisis and recession. A 1993 survey suggested that once ataining age 22, one should be financially independent. This same survey suggested 1 in 2/3 would be financially independent by age 22. Many in Generation Y have delayed marriage, settled in their jobs, and are experiencing higher education debt.

Yet there is tremendous optimisim. And rightfully so. The world is growing. Technology is advancing fast. The last twelve years have been a struggle for many. The possibility of the next decade being better than the last is great. The future is so bright - you have to wear shades. But remember, focus on opportunity. Watch your cash and keep more of it in your pocket book. Vigilently look for opportunity and pounce when you find it. There are so many ideas to create and improve on what we have. Let's start in the second half of 2012.


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