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Market Watch 8-12-12


By San Diego 6 News Editors

Is it real and will it last? It’s hard for many of us to realize, but the stock market is up over 12%. We have to go back to periods such as 1998 to find these type's of rallies.

Many investors and wall street watchers are not buying into the rally. On one hand they don't like the market, the economy, and the uncertainity of the future. But these same investors say, if you don't invest, you might miss a continued strong rally.

It isn't hard to find areas to be encouraged such as an improved labor market and strong earnings growth. Just remember how fast it can all change. The potential for higher taxes, a few negative economic reports, and feast can turn to famine in the market and reversals can be quick and decisive. Perhaps that is why some of the sectors that have been strong are the defensive ones such as health care, utility, and consumer staples.

If you are one of those that are trying to figure out how to invest in this odd economy, consider the following:

(1) Is the investment a good deal today? Meaning does it have absolute value?

(2) Does the potential investment have room to grow and it is hard to duplicate what it is you are investing in? Meaning, me too's can me oh me oh my and oh so costly to your company.

(3) What will make that investment appreciate regardless of the economic cycyle. Remember, good value today. Great potential for growth and why now?

Speaking of why now. I have a real treat for you. Are your investments performing? Are you going to have enough income during retirement? Should you have estate planning documents so your son or daughter in laws don't inherit your money? If you get sick, would assets be frozen? These are simple questions. I created a money managemenst system to help give you a simple powerful plan for focusing on wealth. It's called Alpha Wealth. Learn how to grow and protect wealth right now.

If this is important to you there are two free lunches set up to teach you Alpha Wealth. One is at the beautiful Flemings Steakhouse in UTC on Auguest 22 at 12:00. The other is noon on August 23 at the delicious Bistro Wealth in Carlsbad. Space is very limited. If you want serious strategies and solutions for growth and protecting wealth today, call Ken Stern & Associates and ask for a free reservation to the Alpha Wealth brunch. 1-800-529-2884. That is 1-800-529-2884.

I'm Ken Stern and that is my Stern word.


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