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Market Watch 8-19-12


By San Diego 6 News Editors

Guess what - the market is in rally mode and most people don't even know! While people are concerned about Europe, a slowdown in Asia, and if the United States economy double dips - earnings of many companies here in the U.S. are enjoying strong cash flow and earnings. The question is, “How long will it last and are you positioned properly?”

With many markets up over 10% this year, don't forget we are entering the silly season where September and October are volatile months. Furthermore, an election is coming up and undoubtedly a tax debate.
Perhaps it is time to give some thought to your 401 (K). First, does your 401 (K) have the best choices? Second, do you know all the fees and expenses? Does your employer? According to the government accountability office, not only is the employer required to know the fees, but surveys suggest that employers may not be fully aware of their fees. With the 401 (K) such an integral part of your retirement don't you think it's time to get busy and learn how to properly manage your 401 (K)?
Speaking of getting busy - is it time to buy a house? With rates as low as they are, and the affordability index where it is; if you can buy a house and the expenses will not leave you strapped for both your bills and savings, home ownership is something to consider. House prices have stabilized as of late. Of course there are no guarantees, but the combination of affordability and low rates is compelling. Just remember, the rule should be to plan on staying put for at least five years in your new home.
This is an extremely confusing money time. So get money savvy. If you ever wanted to arm yourself with money savvy information, I have a few tickets to give out to a lunch-and-learn this Wednesday at Flemings in UTC, or Thursday at Bistro West in Carlsbad. This lunch is important and timely as everything from investing to recessions and elections will be reviewed. There will be free document locators and you will learn smart investment and asset protection strategies. Folks we have an election coming up. Things are changing. Come learn my strategies. First ten callers get two free tickets - 1800-529-2884. 1-800-529-2884.

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