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Prepare, protect your family in emergency situations

The Interfaith Community Emergency Preparedness Fair will hold workshops and activities to educate the public on how to prepare and protect their families in case of an emergency. Read more »

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Local foster care agency: Support unique youth

Walden Family Services provides foster care and adoption services for children who are neglected and abused. They need help to find these children a forever home. If you can't foster or adopt, you can donate! Read More »

ArtWalk in Little Italy features artists of all kinds

Little Italy's ArtWalk features more than 300 fine artists who will show and sell their work at the annual festival that brings visual and performing arts together. Read More »

Calif. vaccine bill: Why some support it

State Sen. and bill co-author Marty Block joins us on the phone Thursday to share why he supports the bill that requires parents to get their children vaccinated before they are allowed to attend school or daycare. Read More »