Protests outside a San Diego company that’s bidding to build a border wall

((SAN DIEGO)) – A local company is getting some attention because of it’s interest in building the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump. Today protestors gathered outside R.E. Staite Engineering Inc. In Barrio Logan.

“This is not just another job or just business, this is our lives,” says protestor Marco Amaral.

R.E. Staite Engineering Inc.has submitted to bid to design the southern border wall proposed by president Donald Trump. But the company is hardly alone in it’s interest.


Worldwide there are around 700 bids to create the controversial border wall. Earlier this week CW6 introduced you to another local company vying for the job, they are proposing to build the wall out of styrofoam.


R.E. Staite Engineering Inc. has not released the details of it’s design but in a statement has said it’s enthusiastic about it’s proposal, even suggesting having a leg up in the process because the final 20 companies selected will have to build a prototype here in san diego. The date for companies to sumbit a proposal has been extended til April 4th.

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