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Prophetic Patterns in the Blood Moon

Pastor Ray Bentley of Maranatha Chapel explains the significance of the lunar eclipse.

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Blenders Eyewear


By XETV Sales

To the vibrant ones out there; the creative leaders, steadfast friends and eccentric visionaries - Blenders Eyewear wants you.

If you have a dream and the drive to make it happend it is our mission to help you get there, and arrive in style.  Whether it's sports, business, music, science, art of checkers that fires your passion, Blenders is gasoline on the flames.  We want you to think big, make waves and look phenominal.

Starting with college scholarships, we hope to grow alongside the best and brightest of America's youth, and support that passion for excellence.  By partnering with leaders who are actively pursuing goals which may include starting a dream business, traveling the world and contributing to community growth, we are eager to help energize your efforts.

The future is bright.  Come prepared.