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Good Neighbor Taste of Downtown

Three Great Causes! The Good Neighbor Taste of Downtown event brings together community stakeholders to promote economic development and "Good Neighbors" in San Diego.

  • Good Neighbor Taste of Downtown
  • Teaching Finance and The Stock Market to Kids
  • Cooking in the Classroom with Farming Produces
  • Springtime Craft Projects and Faux Florals

Cafe Merlot


By XETV Sales

13330 Paseo Del Verano Norte
San Diego, CA 92128
(858) 592-7785

Cafe Merlot, located in the Bernardo Winery, the oldest family-run working winery in Southern California.

Proud new owners, Toni and Rick Kraft, along with Chef Stella Midori-Mokofski have taken their years of culinary experience, their love of food, and the Southern Californian sun, and transformed an already great restaurant into a full dining experience.

Discover why discerning individuals who know and enjoy great food and wine from around the globe come and dine at Cafe Merlot.


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