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FINE Magazine


By XETV Sales

770 Rancho Santa Fe Road
Encinitas, CA 92024

FINE magazine is your guide to the newest developments, the most exclusive places and the latest trends in FINE Real Estate, FINE hotels, FINE dining, FINE art, FINE jewelry, and FINE wines. For the past two years, we've covered San Diego hotspots, homes, and hotels.

Our company began as a luxury home publication catering to young, affluent urbanites. Our original content has taken our readers everywhere from Prospect Street in La Jolla for a post-bonus shopping spree to Palm Springs, California for a luxurious introduction to the FINEST in Golf resort living to Los Angeles hippest FINE dining for some edible therapy.

Through a variety of marketing programs our editors take you behind the scenes of the VIP Social Scene access to the cutting edge of luxury living and the people who define it (read: you). We also cover local luxury lifestyle trends with publications like FINE! our monthly look at the latest in platinum luxury homes for sale.

Our FINE magazine, published locally in San Diego, continue to keep our readers in the know, with monthly updates on what's hot -- and luxurious -- in their city. FINE is also home to Fashion Columnist Marie Green's monthly "FINE Fashion with," an editorial segment with today's top Fashion Designers.

And while our readers are always aware of where to shop and where to invest, we know there's no place like home. FINE Homes and Living magazine focus on high-end real estate in San Diego, with a focus on designing, selling, and renovating. (Dreaming is OK too).

In May of 2013, we have plans to launch our publication in Orange County and Los Angeles with plans to expand nationwide. In San Diego, you can catch our cutting-edge magazine in all the cities FINEST hotels, restaurants, golf resorts, banks, boutiques, shops, and Real Estate offices, in addition to finding it online @ or


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