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Chevrolet to Unveil their Smallest Model

Chevy's New Micro Car


With President of the Motor Press Guild, the largest Automotive Media Association, James Bell

A nationally recognized and authoritative resource within the industry, he shares details about the newest car, discuss what it means for the mini car segment and how this will effect our economy.

James Bell, Head of Consumer Affairs, General Motors
With almost 15 years of experience, James Bell is a nationally recognized and authoritative resource within the automotive industry. During his tenure, James has diligently analyzed and effectively communicated automotive data and research to multiple constituencies, including the national and international media, automotive manufacturers, and dealers, and the every-day car shopper. His multifaceted experience has led to a unique perspective on the industry that easily crosses over the boundaries between the general consumer and passionate enthusiast.  Prior to joining GM, James was Vice President of Corporate Communications and Executive Market Analyst for Kelley Blue Book. In this role, he was charged with promoting the brand and driving traffic to its award-winning Web site. Bell also oversaw the company's consumer communication efforts through social media and viral marketing platforms. In addition, he served as the company's chief spokesperson with the media and has been featured on national television news shows on CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, national and local talk radio, as well as within the pages of both respected newspapers and automotive trade publications.  James also serves on the board of directors for the Motor Press Guild in Los Angeles and was President of this revered organization, the largest of its kind in the U.S., in 2010 and 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Communications and Political Science from California State University.

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