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The Breath of God

The Breath of God


In an age in which religious conflict and fundamentalism dominate the headlines, THE BREATH OF GOD examines themes that unite the world’s religions

Speak with Religion Expert & Huffington Post Contributor, JEFFREY SMALL

What happened to Jesus of Nazareth between the ages of twelve and twenty-nine? One of the great mysteries of the Bible are these lost two decades from the time that Jesus appears in the Temple of Jerusalem at twelve until he begins his ministry at thirty.  In 1887, a Russian journalist, Nicholas Notovitch, made an explosive discovery in the Himalayas that could hold the answers to this question. He published his findings in 1894 but was publicly condemned and silenced for what was perceived to be heresy. Evidence of his discovery then mysteriously disappeared and the story faded into obscurity.
In a riveting novel reminiscent of The DaVinci Code, THE BREATH OF GOD by Jeffrey Small explores the historical mystery of Notovich’s discovery which shows not only the compatibility of the world’s great religions but also a direct historical link between them. Jeffrey Small—a graduate of Yale, Harvard and Oxford—did extensive research for his novel, including trekking through India and Bhutan in the footsteps of his characters. A religion columnist for The Huffington Post, a religious expert, writer, academic, acclaimed religious speaker and scholar, Small can shed provocative insights into the common spiritual themes of the world’s religions, a theme he explores in his book. 
THE BREATH OF GOD, spins its suspenseful plot around one of the great mysteries of the Bible: the missing years of Jesus of Nazareth. What happened to Jesus between the ages of twelve and twenty-nine, two decades of his life about which the Bible is silent? In THE BREATH OF GOD, protagonist Grant Matthews, who is completing his Ph.D. thesis on Notovitch’s discovery, races against a conspiracy of extremists in search of the Russian’s forgotten secret. Grant encounters journalist Kristin Misaki who joins him on a journey to the world’s grandest Islamic landmark, the most sacred Hindu city, and the birthplace of Buddhism—all in the quest to understand the origins of Christianity. Their search culminates at Tiger’s Nest, a Himalayan cliff-side monastery, where evil lurks at every turn, where a religious fanatic hopes to destroy the evidence of the ancient mystery, and where the life of the beloved monk who saved Grant from a tragic accident hangs in jeopardy. Grant and Kristin soon realize that the similar mystical traditions they uncover within the world’s greatest religions have the power to transform their lives.  Set amidst the dramatic Himalayan landscapes of Bhutan and the exotic mystical land of India, Jeffrey Small’s debut novel, THE BREATH OF GOD, an exhaustively researched page-turner about hidden mystical teachings, religious secrets, ancient cover-ups, religious fanatics, and power-hungry evangelicals who distort the truth for their agendas, is an intriguing novel of suspense that blends Eastern and Western religious thought.

JEFFREY SMALL graduated summa cum laude from Yale University and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. He holds a master’s degree in the study of religions from Oxford University. Jeffrey is an acclaimed speaker on the topics of rethinking religion in the twenty-first century. He is the author of GOD AS THE GROUND OF BEING: Tillich and Buddhism in Dialogue and blogs about religion for The Huffington Post and at THE BREATH OF GOD is his first novel. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and daughter.

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