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Man, Oh Man!

Great Guy Gifts


TLC’s Evan Farmers Brings You Great Gifts for Every Guy on Your List

“I will love anything, as long as it’s from you…”
“Get me whatever you want… as long as it plugs in.”
“I don’t care what it is, just not another tie!”

To men, they think of themselves as “easy to please,” and “simple!” To women, they are a wealth of mixed signals and hard-to-read reactions. But just because men baffle us doesn’t mean you have an excuse to not get them what they really want! This year, make sure to give the men in your life a gift that they will really appreciate.

Evan Farmer was the host of TLC's hit makeover show While You Were Out and HGTV’s Freestyle where he also served as lead designer. Evan found his knack for hosting covering for Carson Daily on MTV’s TRL and has since been in several television shows and films including Austin Powers: Goldmember. Evan also has been featured in countless major magazines including: Rolling Stone, People, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Entertainment Weekly. He has also been featured on Entertainment Tonight, CNN, The Early Show and is the current host of CMT’s Top 20 Countdown.

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