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San Diego Culinary Institute


By XETV Sales

Admissions Office
8024 La Mesa Blvd.,
La Mesa, CA 91941
(619) 644-2100

Culinary Schools Growing in Popularity: So You Wanna Be a Chef?

We at the San Diego Culinary Institute dedicate ourselves to providing aspiring culinarians the best education available at a reasonable cost. Through our network of employers, we help our students and graduates find employment opportunities in some of the finest kitchens in the world and assist them as they establish and build their careers. Through the standardized curricula of our programs, we ensure the employers in our network that the graduates they employ are well-trained with a thorough background in basic, professional culinary and baking and pastry skills.

To these ends, we commit ourselves to the following standards:
- We, as an organization, are committed to raising the standards of American culinary education. In doing so, we seek out the finest instructors in the business and commit ourselves to continually review and elevate our standards of excellence and our skills as educators.
- We utilize the same top quality ingredients found in fine dining establishments all over the country so that our students understand the flavor profiles of exotic, high quality ingredients and how to use them to produce the finest dishes.
- We ensure that our kitchen classrooms are always well-stocked with the tools of the trade so that our graduates leave us with the confidence they need to perform for the most demanding employers.
- We have created a well-defined curriculum, designed to ensure that every student learns the skills necessary to excel in the workplace and that every student receives a consistent standard of quality in their education: Every graduate of SDCI reflects this high standard and meets the weight of expectations of their employers. We do this not only for the sake of our students, but also with an eye to their employers. All employers can expect every graduate of our program to possess a certain set of skills and to perform to a high standard of excellence.
- Overall, we continuously challenge ourselves to improve, to elevate our standards of education, performance and service to our students and alumni. In doing so, the San Diego Culinary Institute continues its mission to offer the finest culinary and pastry arts education to aspiring culinarians and become the finest culinary school in the nation.

We base the course curriculum on teaching the fundamental cooking techniques that any student must master to perform effectively in a fine dining environment working in any national cuisine. In addition to cooking skills, SDCI emphasizes professionalism and teamwork throughout the program. The ability to master the basic tools of the kitchen combined with cleanliness, organizational skills, and the ability to work effectively with others has proven to be a successful formula to the many world-renown chefs that employ our graduates.


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