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Bay Recovery


By XETV Sales

Dr. Jerry Rand, M.D., has been a physician for over thirty seven years, building, directing, and changing hospitals, for the more successful treatment of patients. In the past two decades, Dr. Rand has successfully treated thousands of alcoholics and drug addicts, and has directed mental hospitals who treat individuals with dual diagnosis. His success in the field of pain and addiction includes the treatment of patients with the apparent inabiity to stay sober, however the results that he has continued to have with the most difficult of cases continues to keep him thriving at what he does best. Dr. Rand, over the past ten years, has become a leading expert in the treatment of chronic pain, chemical dependency, and other co-occuring disorders that originate from unsuccessfully managed chronic pain. Bay Recovery offers a unique blend of western and eastern medicine, social and psycho-educational modalities of treatment in order to help men and women address their unique challenges in a very individualized way.

Our professional staff includes a variety of medical and therapuetic specialists with extensive training in their respective fields. Together, they provide a well balanced, integrated approach to the treatment of chemical dependency and co-occuring disorders. Bay Recovery offers a treatment center with residential living facilities where a patient is gradually and methodically introduced back into society, and a normal lifestyle, free from chemical dependency, and unsuccessfully managed pain.


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