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Our Story • The Kuna Tradition
Following centuries of tradition, the Kuna Indians, an indigenous tribe off the coast of Panama, drink up to 40 cups of fresh cocoa per week and experience incred­ible health benefits. According to Harvard studies, the Kuna experi­ence 1/9 the rate of heart disease and 1/16 the rate of other age-related illnesses as mainlanders.  Intrigued, we journeyed to the Kuna islands and immersed our­selves in their traditions - harvest­ing and drying fresh cocoa beans and grinding them into powder for use in foods and drinks.  Inspired the by the Kuna’s coveted health practices, we developed a proprietary, innovative method to deliver the health benefits of fresh, organic cocoa in a single capsule, without the calories and sugar associated with dark chocolate.

Introducing CocoaWell™: Guided by the customs of the Kuna, devoted to a higher quality of life.

Our Expert • Chris Kilham
"Cocoa and chocolate have emerged as health superstars. This odd turn of events is of course thrilling to cocoa and chocolate lovers."  - Chris Kilham, Fox
Chris Kilham, The Fox News Medicine Hunter, brings to CocoaWell more than 30 years of expertise in the natural products industry. An ethnobotanist, author and educator, Kilham has conducted medicinal research in over 20 countries and his herbal TV segments are seen in more than 100 countries worldwide. An advocate of sustainable practices, Kilham is dedicated to promoting plant-based medicines, protecting the natural environment and supporting indigenous cultures.

Our Line • CocoaWell
A recent study published in the Chemistry Central Journal has demonstrated that cocoa contains more antioxidants than other renowned superfruits like acai, blueberry, cranberry, and pomegranate. Research conducted by Norman Hollenberg at Harvard University has documented that the Kuna Indians, who live on the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama, have 1/9 the incidence of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and cancer. They consume more cocoa than any other people in the world — up to 6 cups/day or 40 cups/week.  Experience the benefits of fresh, organic cocoa in a capsule, without the calories and sugar of dark chocolate.

Introducing CocoaWell: Guided by the customs of the Kuna, devoted to a higher quality of life.

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