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Endomondo Sports Tracker


By XETV Sales

With Endomondo on your phone, you can track your running, cycling and other sports. It's fun, it's social and it's motivating.
OUR CONCEPT: Are you into running, cycling, walking, skiing, kayaking, roller skating - or other sports involving movement across a distance? Endomondo makes your experience even more exciting! is the place where you automatically track all your sports data and monitor your performance over time. At you meet like-minded friends, get inspired by them, challenge them and follow their activities... live! So whether you are into just following your personal achievements or whether you wish to place yourself in a larger network of sports partners that challenge and support each other's efforts - is your new world of endorphins.
You will get the most out of with a GPS mobile phone or a Garmin GPS watch. Free of charge, you can download the software to most common GPS phones directly from the website. On our Download page, you can see a list of the phones we support. New ones are added all the time.
Sign up at, and if you want to use your mobile, click on the Download link and you will receive a text message with a link to the free program. You are now only a few steps away from a completely new way of doing sports. Join us... get out there and free your endorphins!
OUR HISTORY:  In December 2007, three colleagues decide to live out the dream of becoming entrepreneurs. We leave our jobs as management consultants to pursue a dream of changing the way you do sports whether you are at elite level or merely someone who wishes to get into shape.
The vision is to create a service that makes sports more exciting and to offer the ability to unite a large group of physically active people. There are many different kinds of motivation for doing sports. Tracking our training and monitoring our progress motivates some of us whereas others need a friend to play or compete with or even a coach to stay motivated over time. We wanted to meet all of these needs to reach both recreational as well as more serious athletes.
In September 2008, the very first alpha version of is officially launched in connection with the world's largest running race, the DHL race with 100.000 participants in Copenhagen, Denmark. Based on feedback from the first users, the beta version of is launched in July 2009. Ever since that day, we have worked hard on improving our service - and we're not planning on stopping any time soon! 


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