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By XETV Sales, created by Founder and CEO Richard Fiorentino in 2002 is a public relations and marketing communications company servicing the Southern California market.'s business model is simple but brilliant.  We contract with Health, Beauty and Spa Service Providers to do their public realtions, community outreach, internet marketing.  We receive our clients' gift certificates and we donate them to over 200 charitable organizaions.

Our mission for our clients is to refer them high quality customers who support the community through the purchase of our promotional certificates. These customers are not 'today's sophisticated Deal Site coupon clippers.'

Our most popular marketing program is our CARTE BLANCHE PROGRAM.  It allows our clients to create a profile of their business' products and services online and allows them to provide us promotional material to be marketed to over 400 special events throughout San Diego County.

Our mission for the consumer is to provide them with information about our clients who are eager to introduce themselves and their quality services.  The consumer often benefits in that they can save up to 50-90% on services that many of the service providers offer as an introductory promotion to new clients.  4 Star Services. 2 Star Prices.


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