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Granite Transformations


910 West Washington Ave.
Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 743-7243 or (888) 777-2044

Granite Transformations' products are engineered, measured and built to fit right on top of your old countertops. And it’s just as easy to transform your old cabinets with our high quality cabinet refacing. Call today and experience the WOW! of a total transformation with Granite Transformations.

Granite Transformations is also perfect for shower stalls, bathroom counters, fireplaces, backsplashes, walls, entryways, new construction, and even your boat or RV. A beautiful home or office FAST and with no demolition!

Granite Transformations cutting edge manufacturing process enables us to produce superior countertops with less raw materials (granite) than our competitors.  Thus being a better steward of the environment by reducing our impact on the environment but leaving more granite in the ground and stretching a limited resource.

Granite Transformations also utilitizes reclaimed materials including natural stone from solid slab production as well as post consumer recycled glass in our production process.

Utilizing your existing surfaces as a base for our products eliminates the demolition process so our installations FAST and divert thousands of tons of countertop debris from being sent to overcrowded landfills every year.

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