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What You Can Do To Protect Your Home and Your Family From Fire

October is Fire Awareness Month and according to the US Fire Administration, at least 80% percent of all fire-related deaths occur in the home. Most importantly, every three hours someone is killed in a home fire. Protecting your family from fire requires both advanced planning and having the proper tools on hand if and when a fire strikes. This includes the use of protective devices, coming up with a home safety plan, taking the proper precautions, and knowing the warning signs. Would you know how to escape from the second floor if a fire breaks out downstairs?  Do your kids know where to meet if there’s a fire? Is your family prepared for the events that will take place once the fire department arrives?

Need to know what is being developed to help fight these fires, and better yet, to prevent them?  Bill McCauley shares some of the latest innovations in fire prevention technology to help protect your home and your family.

DIY Expert and contractor Bill McCauley is an authority in the area of home renovations and improvements. He works in tandem with a fire safety company to improve building techniques in fire-proofing for residential and commercial properties. Bill is currently the owner of a renovation firm, Urban Answers which provides solutions to the challenges of city and “handi-capable” living. Bill also lends his handyman skills and expertise to “Habitat for Humanity.”  He has been a TV and radio reporter for the past 20 years appearing on numerous programs across the country.

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